November 25, 2010

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Procedural changes in the Federal Immigrant Investor Program

Further to the announcement made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada ("CIC") regarding the launch on December 1st of the new Federal Immigrant Investor Program ("FIIP"), CIC intends to make a few procedural changes.

Here are the procedural changes being implemented on December 1st:

  1. Only complete applications will be accepted by the Visa Posts.

  2. IC will issue a new Investor Acknowledgment ("IA") that requires counter-signature by the Facilitator. The  IA form  must be part of the FIIP application that will be sent to the VISA Post. If the IA form is not part of the FIIP application there will be no commission paid by CIC. Moreover, CIC may request of the Facilitator its copy of the IA as proof for payment of commission.

    Two copies of the IA form must first be signed by the applicant (in two copies) and sent to us, the Facilitator, with the NEW (forms that will be available as of December 1, 2010)  IMM0008 Generic, Schedule 1, NEW SCHEDULE 6  and certified copy of passport. We, the Facilitator, will then countersign the IA forms and return one original to the applicant to be included with his/her application. Our local representatives and lawyers are authorized to countersign the IA Form. Please check our website for the new IA Form nominating Industrial Alliance Trust as the designated Facilitator.

  3. CIC will only pay a commission if:

    a) the new IA form is included with the complete FIIP application when submitted to the Visa Post;


    b) the Facilitator that is mentioned on the initial IA form is the same Facilitator that ultimately completes the investment.

    If these conditions are not met no commission will be paid by CIC.

  4. CIC has also issued a new Representative Form (5476) to be submitted with all the new immigration applications. Please click here.

  5. CIC will also release a New Schedule 6 on December 1, 2010.  The New Schedule 6 includes a section that will require the applicant to provide a narrative statement in regards the source and accumulation of his/her funds. As soon as this form is available it will be posted on our website.

CIC is committed to the 3000 decisions per year at the ratio of 2 old files for one new file. While switching is permitted, we strongly recommend refraining from this practice as it will rapidly saturate the inventory and eliminate possibilities of faster processing.  CIC has warned that if this should happen, it may contemplate capping the number of applications or  even putting into effect another moratorium.


Examination of Members of the Provincial Nominee Class at Ports of Entry and CIC Inland Offices

CIC has released a new bulletin Operational Bulletin 251 - November 24, 2010
, which provides instructions regarding the examination of individuals in the Provincial Nominee (PN) class seeking permanent resident status who indicate that they never intended or no longer intend to reside in the nominating province or territory.

For the full bulletin, please click here.

All the new forms for the FIIP will be available on our website at:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

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